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Insanity through blue eyes

With a cup of tea and a few paint brushes

Hey Im Amber ^^

Reason why I started and created a blog for myself so I can actually tell people how i feel about life, So I can feel if anyone out there feels the same way.
Im 17, in high school surrounded by angry teachers and peverted friends. I must warn you I am a bit spelling challanged >.>; as you might have guessed. Im a very calm person, except when I OD on chocolate or laugh at something stupid for hours. I hate discrimination and contradicting Things places etc. I have redish (really light red) hair and dark blue eyes, Ive been called curvy but not fat, and Im not going to be like a lot of people i know and say i am...being truthful i like my hips ^w^. My life can sometimes overwhelem me, I have a tad bit of an anxiety problem...its not to serious i just have a limit to my nervousness. Im ok in school...im trying to prove to everyone that not having A's is not the end of the world. I play bass guitar in band At spectrum ( my high school). I love bubble tea, I probably drink way to much of it though. Other than that, you need to find out by yourself :3.